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North West Windscreens are now offering a free windscreen safety inspection check. 

If you have any stone chips on your windscreen that your concerned will fail your MOT or may crack off, we will come to your house or work to inspect them for free and give you advice or offer a repair service.

The MOT specifies a windscreen area within the drivers' immediate line of sight, known as 'Zone A', where any crack or damage must be contained within a 10mm diameter. It also states that any combination of minor damage that seriously restricts the drivers' view will fail the MOT.

In addition to this area of windscreen, MOT guidelines require any chip or crack within the remainder of the area swept by the wipers to be contained within a diameter of 40mm.

Our free inspection doesnt just cover stonechip repairs. We will also inspect leaking windscreens, we will aim to find the source of the leak and offer our services to fix it.

To arrange your free inspection just call us on 07749427835 and we will book you in.

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